Learnings From Five Olympic Games

I was the first British woman to be selected to complete at five Olympic Games in rowing, only the fifth in any sport. Over my 21 year career on the British Rowing Team I won 3 Olympic silver medals, 4 World Championship golds, and held two World records, all in different teams and under four different coaches.

Learnings from Five Olympic Games is the accumulation of my notes and learnings from over my 21 year career and the story of how I applied them.

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Category ISBN: 978-1-83853-520-9


"Beautiful. You’ve articulated what people think, and what some don’t know they do."
"I bloody love your book."
"Frances. The book is absolutely beautiful. I love it. It was an absolutely fascinating read, even though I was there for most of it! I'm going to read it again tomorrow."
"It's really impressive...simple and concise"