The Ultimate Performance takes both Passion and Process.

I get it.

At the start of my career I thought the athletes standing on podiums had it figured out, and whatever they did was a template I should emulate to get there. But anyone who stands on a podium is their own version of a Champion and gets there in their own way.

Since 2016 I have worked with elite athletes as a mentor and helped set up the first formalised mentoring system in British Rowing. I work remotely and in person with ad-hoc sessions, or we can build a structure of ongoing conversation tailored to the mentee.

Finding the right mindset is completely individual, and being a full-time athlete
is hard, but it doesn’t have to be negatively stressful.


"Fran, thank you. You are amazing at understanding the heart of the issue, even when I don’t feel that I can articulate things clearly. You are a brilliant mentor."
Eleanor Piggott
British Rowing Team Athlete. World U23 Champion
"Frances was one of the athletes on the GB Rowing Team who I most admired when we trained together in 2016. She always brought great clarity, insight and composure to the crews she was in. Since then, she's been a wonderful mentor to me. I have benefitted a great deal from the opportunities that our conversations have given me."
Melissa Wilson
British Rowing Team Athlete
"I couldn't recommend Frances highly enough."
British Rowing Team Athlete
Tokyo 2021 squad member